The Land is Borrowed From Our Children T-Shirt

"As indigenous peoples of the world, we do not own earth or its lands. Yet we are the stewards of the land as given to us by our creator. As the first storytellers, our songs, artwork, and storytellings remind us of our responsibilities that we have for our people, the land, the water, the sky, the animals, and most importantly our children. Because we as Indigenous Peoples do not live for ourselves, we live for and through our children and the seven generations and beyond. Our world is a gift, hand crafted by the creator for us to borrow from our children." — A’máy Tádits (Hail), artist and citizen of the Fort Yuma Quechan Indian Tribe.

Read more about the artist and people involved in making this design: A’máy Tádits (Hail), Jarrette Werk, and Powma Williams.

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